Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Baby snuggles and Snavely famikly

We were able to spend our traditional weekend with our Snavely Family Reunion. It's pretty much the one chance we get to see our cousins. We were able to stay at a beautiful retreat center. We enjoyed hiking, playing outside, playing games and just spending time together. There were more people there than just the kids, but they seem to be the only ones I have pictures of :-)

Addi and cousin Jordyn

Hiking with cousins

Mostly Walkers, a Miller and a Snavely :-)

Adison, Adalie and Jordyn

They hiked almost the whole way holding hands.

Josie and I sporting our family shirts.  That's right,
we have shirts.....and we sing! 

Sweet, sweet girls

More summer fun

Yes, it's May 2013. Yes, these pictures are from last summer. I will claim technical difficulties and procrastination, but here goes to the return to the blog. :-)
Sandy's first batch of pickles. So fun and so yummy! 

Addi was helping my "cook" by stirring the compost bowl :-)
Poor Josie. It's rough to be in the carrier with a short mama because
I keep smooshing her up against the counter....sorry baby. 

Addi helped me make soap. The pictures didn't show up very well
because the soap was clear :-) She is sporting some 18 month jammies
in this picture. Such a silly monkey. 

"Seriously Mama?" 

Happy Josie 

Addi found her hat and thought she'd try it on Josie. Josie is amused...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BFF Fourth of July

Ok, are you ready for the longest post ever....? I'm serious...? Alright, you've been warned. The Greens came to Walla Walla for the fourth of July this year. I've been talking to them about the awesome fireworks for the last eight years. I know Walla Walla is a small town and that we can't compete with bigger cities....but, we have this spot. It's somehow still a secret spot. There are about 6 families that know about it. The fireworks basically come down on top of you...it's such a great show. So, they were finally able to come....and what do they do?
Are you kidding me...yes, they moved them across town. Better parking for everyone else...super lame-o view for us. It all turned out well in the end, but I'll get to that as we go.
It also turns out that Amy and I plus their SLR camera means that we took a lot of photos. Thank you Amy for letting me play with your camera. It was so much fun....951 photos worth of fun. So, believe me when I say that if you look at a picture and say, "Hmm, that picture would have been awesome if they had just [         ]", trust me, we did. I just didn't include it here because I'm writing this against the clock. Josie should wake up any second. Ok, here's our weekend.
About five seconds after they arrived, the kids were playing like they've never been apart.
Ethan was pretty happy to find a spider man costume in the land of princesses and fairies.
Kids discovering the cherry bowls. 
Just protecting us all from bad guys....Ethan...I mean Spider Man
is sooo cool.

Best friends and a sweet baby. We have major baby history,
so this is an important picture.
Josie's pleasant look 
Jon's a good sport...and a good baby holder. 
Come one now...Emma is adorable. If you don't know her,
you should meet her. You'll love her. 

Macey, Emma, Adalie, Ethan 

Amy asked if she could take Adalie's picture and
she posed like this. 
The girls 

Rocking the Park
It's like every other celebration in a park except
that it's the best because it's ours. 
There's something about Emma that makes everyone feel
like they are her best friend...she's just one of those people.
 I'm partial, though, so they really are best friends :-)
Family Pictures (watch Emma) 

After the park, we went to my parent's house for the rest of the day.
A major photo shoot took place. Here are just a few....remember there are 951. 

Everyone helping get dinner ready.
Baby with a bubble.
 Baby all better

S'more Coma
In protest we stayed at my parent's house for the fireworks...actually, it was so
we could put the kids down if we needed to. Even though we were further away,
we had a fire and watched the moon come up. It was grand.
The next day, with aplogies to our kids, we commenced taking
more photos. 

A wonderful time was had by all. Now,
we're just counting down until our next visit.